quantity expressions

Quantity expressions are words and phrases which describe amounts of a substance or of things. Quantity expressions involve appropriate responses to the following kinds of question –

These questions involve non-partitive quantity expressions, where the entity being quantified is indefinite. Related partitive questions are –

There are two main kinds of quantity expression –

  1. Numeric quantity expressions describe a specific number of things, e.g. còig craobhan ‘five trees’, dusan dhiubh ‘a dozen of them’, seachdnar ‘seven [people]’.
  2. Generic quantity expressions do not describe a specific number, but rather some other, non-numeric quantity, e.g. mòran leabhraichean ‘many books’, barrachd den airgead ‘more of the money’, cus chloinne ‘too many children’, a’ chuid as motha de na h-ùbhlan ‘most of the apples’.